Spanish clases

Spanish Classes

Learn Spanish with us.
Your trip could be the perfect moment to begin to learn Spanish or improve on what you already know. We can offer you some economical deals so that whilst you are having fun and exploring the city, you can also discover the language, that will undoubtedly enrich your experience.

Once you arrive at the hostel you can book private classes for 28,000 COP per hour with our native Colombian, bilingual teacher (or at a higher cost with a University Professor, depending on availability). We also offer the packages below to save you some money (other options are available for more/less time so do get in touch with any questions):

Low cost packages (Basic/Beginners level)
Bilingual teacher with experience, (not-certified).

Option 1      6 days, 1 hour per day of private classes         247,000 COP
Option 2     10 days, 1 hour per day (for 9 days) of private classes  400,000 COP

Intensive package (Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.)
University Professor of languages, with many years of experience.
Option 1      6 days, 1 hour per day of private classes              430,000 COP
Option 2     10 days, 1 hour per day (for 9 days) of private classes     508,000 COP

* Accommodation is in the shared dormitory. For private rooms please consult us for availability and prices.


Atman Yoga

Find you centre.

Buddha Hostel Medellin offers the possibility of practicing yoga every Thusday at 10 am with this renowned centre. There are several options too in their own center only a stones throw away from the hostel. There are a variety of classes for different levels throughout the day in their Laureles Atman Yoga centre. They also hold free classes in the beautiful surroundings of the Botanical Gardens and other locations in the Aburra Valley.

The centre asks for a voluntary donation of approximately 10,000 – 20,000 pesos

pablo esc. tour

Pablo Escobar Tour

The official, and most popular,  Pablo Escobar tour will take you around some of the most representative places where his story took place in Medellín. Telling you the history, clarifying doubts and myths that exist outside of Colombia about Pablo Escobar, one of the most powerful and infamous drug dealers ever known.
The tour ends in Roberto Escobar -Pablo’s brother- house, when they do not guaranteed that Roberto is at the moment in the house, they tell you some stories about their lives, and will open the family’s house for you to see archives and know more of their story.

The tour currently costs 90,000 COP


Salsa classes

Salsa is everywhere in Colombia, it’s in their blood. Medellin is home to some of the best Salsa clubs in the country, showcasing incredible Salsa bands and talents from around the world. Just a 10 minute walk from Buddha Hostel you can find two of the city’s best Salsa clubs, and on Tuesdays you cannot miss a night at Eslabon Prendida, to see how the young Colombians dance. So instead of standing on the sidelines and watching, why not join in? Paula teaches Salsa for free once a week at hostel for all guests, and she is also available for private tuition (25,000 COP). Whilst we can’t promise to give you magic hips, it may at least be a step in the right direction to help you fit in with the locals!


Climbing Indoor & Outdoor


Football Matches

Football is everything for Colombians, and Atletico Nacional is probably the most important team in the country, at least in Medellin. Their stadium is just a few minutes walk from the hostel, providing an excellent opportunity to see the incredible passion of its supporters in the city. Matches are played about every 15 days in their stadium next to Estadio metro station. The streets are always full of fans who come to every match to support theirs teams, creating a unique environment for a visitor.

The tickets can be bought in the stadium or in advance by internet. A normal match costs around 15,000 COP (around 8 dollars).